Who else started off this isolation excited about all of the online courses that were being offered for free or for a extremely reduced investment?

Being a knowledge junkie, I am now up to 5 courses; realistically only able to do 3. The others will have to wait. There are so many great ones I have to say no too. This makes me so sad.

My ADHD strength is learning. It is so interesting for me. My brain engages and never wants to let go.

I need to remind myself to use management skills to stay on track and not get extremely overwhelmed during this time of making my own schedule.

Daily, I exercise, walk outside, study 2 hours at a time then I do something else.
If I sleep 8 hours per night, it leaves me 16 hours per day to fill.

I relax, laugh, read, dance, cook a lot of veggies, try new gluten/natural ingredient recipes, call people to check in. I started tap dancing again:) I have a keyboard I would like to learn to play. That will be next. I may also paint my living room.

I find watching Prime or too much social media and games make me sad, mess up my sleep and I get overwhelmed.
This is the time to notice if we spend more than an hour or two a day on social media, then do something about it.

We can all use this time, to become new improved versions of ourselves.
It’s not the people you are with that are driving you crazy, It’s most likely the way you respond to each other. Notice how you are behaving and talking. Find one or two things you could improve and work on that.

What are you doing to keep yourself healthy?