When I was about to turn 50, I walked away from a familiar life, with my dignity and my confidence that I could rebuild. I had no money and little stuff. I lived in subsidized housing and relied on the Red Cross to help me feed my 2 children, one in college and one in high school.I had degrees in Gerontology and in Education and lots of experience but I couldn’t find work.
Desperate to do something, I returned to college for 1 yr and received my diploma as a Social Service Worker. Once again, I applied for 100s of jobs and finally asked for help from an Employment Counsellor. She felt I was over qualified for many jobs and I had enough experience and education to run a business.
I never wanted to run a business. I was resistant and scared. I have ADHD!
She enrolled me in a Business program and October 13th, 2013, I Registered ADhD Learning Centre. That same month, I started my ADHD Coach Certification at ADCCA. Both were intense. I felt desperate; it seemed the only way I could take care of myself and my kids, so I dedicated myself to learning and growing. I had to deal with my own ADHD issues, which changed my life. I became more confident. I felt capable of helping people.
The following year I became an empty nester and I moved my practice from Northern Ontario to Southern Ontario.
I was searching for more of me. I did find myself and have become a partner in many people’s lives, helping them find their true self with or without ADHD. Many keep me updated and come back when other issues arise or for refresher sessions.
I’ve learned how important people’s well being is to me. I care about what scares them, what holds them back and how they can overcome just about anything. My clients trust me to advocate for them if need be, and to help them manage their lives, even with ADHD. They often connect with me because I understand them.
I had no idea I could be a great business woman and ADHD Coach when I started. I just knew that nothing else worked. I had to follow my path.
You have to follow your path. It’s often made very clear, yet fear and resistance get in the way. Sometimes you have to push past fear and resistance to be who you are meant to be:) Embrace who you are and be amazing!